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>A Vision, A Splash and A Pig

May 1, 2009

>Visionary Ministry
A historic landmark is reopening this weekend as Visionary Ministry. On Saturday, May 2, 2009, from 9 AM to 2 PM, there will be an opening celebration with entertainment, a health fair, food and more. The church is located at 1829 Dartmouth Avenue.

Elvira Kidd is the new Pastor. She wants this day to be day that a seed of unity for our community is planted. She says that “we are all God’s children and that when we finally come together as a people, we will accomplish so much.”

I have seen that the divisions in our community fall along the lines of race, sexual orientation, gender and age.

She says this will be a different type of ministry, one that focuses on the needs of the community and its members, not the needs of the church.

Everyone is invited, from our neighborhood or throughout Bessemer and neighboring communities.


By the time the opening celebration at Visionary is over, it will be hot. Here’s a local spot to cool off. The new Upsurge water slide will open Saturday as well, at Alabama Adventure in Bessemer. The most recent photograph I could find is from a couple of weeks ago.

Picture Credit Alabama Adventure

It should look more like this by now.

The Origin of Swine Flu

Not to make light of a serious subject. Well, yes…to make light of a serious subject, here’s where it started.

In addition to the common sense precautions (frequent hand washing, coughing and sneezing into your elbow rather than your hand so you don’t transfer viruses with your fingertips, avoiding crowded places and not going to work or school or the theater or the Crawfish Boil and such if you are sick) there’s one more recommendation: don’t kiss pigs!

>Unnatural Acts

April 27, 2009

>This is the short post of the day. The long one follows.

Much has been said by Paul (the Bible guy) and other more recent jabbers who leave comments on this blog about “unnatural acts” and how they were the cause of the destruction of Sodom and will be the cause of the destruction of our country or the world.

Think for a minute and answer this question. What unnatural act is likely to result in a great catastrophe?

A. Sex between two men.

B. Boarding an airplane and flying.

It is not natural for man to fly, but it sure is a way to get swine flu from one country to another.

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