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>War Eagle – AU National Champs!

January 11, 2011

>Unless you’ve been under a rock you have to know that Auburn defeated Oregon 22-19 in last night’s BCS game. I’m part of that Auburn family that Coach Gene Chizik speaks about, having spent 9 years of my life in the Loveliest Village.

I did many of the things that students do (or did during those years a few decades ago).

I’ve raided the bathrooms in academic buildings to steal toilet paper from the bathrooms to throw over the trees and power lines at Toomer’s Corner. Access to buildings was much less controlled back during the 1970’s. Here’s a live web cam of Toomer’s Corner.

Toomer’s Corner web cam.

I sat in Legion field as a freshman in 1972 and watched Bill Newton block an Alabama punt and David Langner pick it up and run into the end zone. I then watched the same thing happen again, same two players, and I saw my first Auburn victory over Alabama as a college freshman.

I saw Bo Jackson electrify the crowd as he put it into second gear and carried the ball about 90 yards for a touchdown.

I was in Jordan Hare Stadium on December 2, 1989 and saw Auburn defeat number 2 Alabama 30-20, when Alabama first came to the Plains to visit.

My time as a student at Auburn ended in 1981 on the night of the graduation from vet school, as I skinny dipped in one of the ponds at Conway’s trailer park the night of graduation with a bunch of fellow new graduates.

That was a long time ago. And cell phone cameras didn’t exist, thank heavens.

Auburn defeats Oregon 22-19 to win the BCS Championship

There were many standout players last night, of course, but let’s look at kicker Wes Byrum.

This picture is from his twitter page

He tweeted this early this morning:

What a blessing and unbelievable experience… War Eagle. We national champs baby!!!

In part, of course, because of his last second 19 yard field goal.

Then he tweeted this:

Shout out to all the fans and the whole auburn family! We love you War Damn

I like this tweet from a few days ago.

About to take a much needed nap. What a blessing it is to know everything I’ve worked for since I was a little kid is only two days away!!!

And this one:

War eagle to the best fans in college football!

Thanks Wes for being such a positive person and for being an inspirational player and…for putting it through the uprights to secure the National Championship for the Auburn family!


>Lame ducks

December 16, 2010

>I usually don’t write the title to my post before I know what I’m going to say, so this could go anywhere.

I mean, I could write a post about the Oregon football team, and from there pile accolades on Auburn and Cam Newton and Nick Fairley and Gene Chizik.

No one expected Auburn to be in the position they are in today; a number one ranking in the BCS and a confirmed date to play for the national championship in January.

But we watched them win their first game against Arkansas State, and felt good. Then we watched them win their second game, an SEC game against Mississippi State, and felt good. Against Clemson, we felt some good fortune was being bestowed on the team, with an overtime win. Against South Carolina, (the first time), we knew there was some magic. And so on.

My point is, our confidence in our team developed over a period of several weeks, until we had no doubt we could win our final regular season game against Alabama, and follow that with a huge win over South Carolina in the SEC championship game.

Now we face the Ducks. But these are not lame ducks, they are fast paced offense, high flying, high scoring ducks. Auburn is favored by 3 points.

So if I am to write about lame ducks, I guess it will be the ones in Washington.

And because Democrat senators, led by majority leader Harry Reid, want to pass several important pieces of legislation before this congress adjourns, they may have to limp right up until Christmas Eve.

Oh horrors, Republicans scream. “Disrespecting” of one of the “holiest holidays” said Republican minority whip Jon Kyl and “sacrilegious” said Republican Senator Jim DeMint.

But our troops can fight for us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and our loved ones (or ourselves) can work on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day (nurses, doctors, police, firefighters, convenience store attendants and others).

Harry Reid does not take such insults sitting down.

I don’t need to hear the sanctimonious lectures of Senator Kyl and DeMint to remind me of what Christmas means. . . . Some of my Republican colleagues have the nerve to whine about having to stay and actually do the work that the American people pay us to do. We make large salaries . . . we could work as most Americans do during the holidays. . . . It’s offensive to me and millions of working Americans across this country for any Senator to suggest that working through the Christmas holidays is somehow sacrilegious or disrespectful.

And remember, it’s because of the Republicans’ purposeful slowdown of the legislative process that these bills have not been passed already.

And because of the Republicans, the American people have not developed a confidence that the lame duck session will pass meaningful legislation. Every day is a surprise.

But look. We’ve given the Republicans every thing they asked for in the Tax bill, (which was not a compromise by any stretch of the imagination). If we don’t at least get the arms control treaty passed, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed, and get the DREAM act passed, Democrats, and most Americans, will be hugely disappointed.

So come on Harry, get moving. Give us something to celebrate this Christmas. Even if we have to wait until Christmas Eve. The rest of America is working. We see nothing wrong with you all continuing your work as well.