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>Enjoying Flowers in the Cold of Winter

January 18, 2009

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2 days. In 2 days the United States will regain respect around the world.

Here are a few new features at Bessemer Opinions.

Over to the left you will see “Popular Posts You Might Want to Read.” My statcounter lets me know what you all are reading and these are the most popular pages. I will be adding more.

Also, there is a slide show of pictures. Right now there are pictures of camellias, but from time to time the pictures will change.

In My Blog List there are a couple of new links; The Western Trib, for news updates, and The Wild Reed, Thoughts and reflections from a progressive, gay, Catholic perspective.

I’m constantly trying to find ways to make Bessemer Opinions a better site (in spite of Randy’s comment yesterday, “Can anyone find a way to do away with this pathetic blog.”)

That’s not gonna happen, so don’t worry.

Two days ago our fountain was frozen and when the sun came out in the afternoon it just glistened. (It looks like David might have been a little chilly,too.) Last year the fish survived the freezing. It’ll be a day or two before I know.

Recall I said that the camellias bloom all winter, but that freezing temps would kill the blooms that are open. So I rescued a few of the flowers before the big freeze. We will enjoy these for a few days indoors, and by the time they fade, more flowers should be opening outdoors.