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>Memorial Day Weekend

May 23, 2009

>This Memorial Day weekend take a moment to honor those who have been killed in defense of our rights and values. These flags are flying for that reason.

Briefly, the first two flags were flown during the Revolutionary War (13 stars), the next during the War of 1812 (15 stars), the Civil War (34 stars), World War II
(48 stars) and Vietnam and the current wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, (50 stars).

I know I have left out some flags and wars, but maybe I’ll purchase those this year.

Problems at the Grill

Don’t be surprised when you fire up the grill this weekend and the flame goes out before the ribs are done. Here, we learn that “When oil prices soared in 2008, propane suppliers quietly reduced by two pounds the amount of gas pumped into each 20-pound tank, saying they wanted to avoid raising prices.”

I have a little problem with that. I mean, when you get less for the same amount of money, prices have been raised.

Here’s another quote from the article:

“Until last year, Blue Rhino and Amerigas, two major suppliers, put 17 to 18 pounds of propane in each 20-pound tank. Tanks should not be filled completely for safety reasons.

About a year ago, that amount was cut to 15 pounds to save consumers a price hike, Blue Rhino spokesman Chris Hartley said.”

Hey Blue Rhino, that is a price hike.

Of course, if you are a purist and use charcoal, or if your grill is fueled by natural gas, you don’t have to worry about that.