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>Reaching Out To the World

April 30, 2009

>I looked at the stats on this blog yesterday and learned that there were visitors from 31 states and 21 countries over the last 500 visits. The states with the highest number of visitors (out of the last 361 from the U.S.) were Alabama (70), Florida (58), Georgia (23), Virginia (17), Pennsylvania and New York (14 each) and California (12).

Of those 500 visitors, 361 came from the U. S. and the other 139 came from places including Canada, UK, Australia, France, Hungary, Denmark, Togo, Israel, Serbia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Sweden and more.

Bessemer Opinions reaches the world. What I don’t know is why some of those visitors come to Bessemer Opinions. Are they people with ties here wanting to find out what is going on? Or people who stumble here? Or people researching a subject and find us through google or another search engine?

Whatever the reason, thanks for visiting and check back often.

Another person reaching the world is Jay Bakker, the preacher son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Nice tats, by the way.

Here is part of how he describes his experience on his church web site, RevolutionNYC .

Eventually, Jay was able to conquer his demons and made a personal decision to find out who God really was. What he discovered floored him – God wasn’t some judgmental, condemning deity sitting on a throne waving an angry fist in the direction of sinners – rather, he was an understanding God offering his gift of love and grace with no strings attached. For the first time Jay wasn’t being driven to Christ out of fear; he was being drawn to Christ through love.

Jay recently spoke at another church about same sex marriage.

Here Jay explains to Larry King why he became a pastor and why his views are what they are. He gives a good explanation of why some evangelicals treat gays the way they do. He also says that Christians are the only army that shoots their wounded.