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>I’m Pleased About the Inauguration

December 19, 2008

>It really doesn’t bother me that Rick Warren will be giving the invocation at Obama’s inauguration because Alabama native Joseph Lowery will get the last word, giving the benediction. Rev. Joseph Lowery is a gay rights and a gay marriage advocate.

His remarks at Coretta Scott King’s funeral (remember, Coretta was a strong, strong supporter of gay equality, and assured us that Martin would have been as well), show us that he does not mince words. He might fire some of those remarks at the bigotry that we still see in America, bigotry that is against the newest target, the gays.

Dmac says it well at Oxdown Gazette.

Rick Warren would be running with his tail between his legs if Joe Lowery and he got in a debate.

Oh, and in spite of what I said, I respect Rick Warren. I agree with him on a lot of things. He has inspired a lot of people, including my daughter who read his book (and somehow ended up with two copies). He’s just a little mis-guided sometimes.