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>Sarah Palin Does Read!!!

October 2, 2008

>No wonder Sarah Palin wouldn’t admit what magazines or newspapers she reads.


Johnny Gentle Famous Crooner at Daily Kos, Ben Smiths Blog at Politico and others. Thanks Jim.

This picture is from 1995 and is of Governor Palin when she was a member of the Wasilla city Council.

The magazine in front of her is The New American, a John Birch Society publication.

The John Birch Society is the ultraconservative scary group formed in 1958. Their objectives have been the repeal of Social Security legislation (No!), the end of U. S. membership in the United Nations (No!), re taking the Panama Canal and an end to racial mixing.

This magazine is The New American and the headline has to do with stopping a proposed constitutional convention.

It seems they are claiming the magazine was just handed to her by a citizen, but it looks to me like she’s taking notes. Maybe she was just drawing a mustache on Mike Leavitt, Utah governor (at the time) whose picture is on the cover. (He was floating the idea of the convention).

At any rate, if this is where she gets her “World View” (a term she throws around a lot), then please don’t let her near D. C.