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February 27, 2009

>“You should feel lucky to have gotten Wednesday’s paper.”

That’s what the woman at the Birmingham News told me when I called for the second time today and told her, like I told the other woman at 6:30, that the paper I pulled out of the plastic sleeve this morning was Wednesday’s paper. (Today being Friday).

Then she said they have had “thousands and thousands” of calls and it seems “most of our calls are from the Bessemer area.

But the entire week has been screwy. Tuesday, we received two papers, about an hour apart, both current for that day.

Wednesday we received no paper, and I could not get through to complain (maybe they had “thousands and thousands” of calls that day too).

Yesterday we got the right paper.

Today we didn’t get a paper. Oh, wait, I mean we got Wednesday’s paper. Surely they aren’t trying to make up for me not getting a paper on Wednesday by delivering it today. Old news is not good news.

So, I am about to go out and get a paper, somewhere, if I can find one.

Anyway, yesterday I was in Baldwin county touring the new DHR building with other members of the Public Building Authority and the Director of our DHR here in Bessemer. It’s a wonderful facility, and important to us because we have hired the same architect to build our facility.

Other Stuff

With his new exit strategy for Iraq President Obama has painted himself out of a corner. Sure, there’s some grumbling from Democrats who want a quick end to the war, but most Democrats realize we can’t just pick up and leave. Now he’s got support from Republicans too, so there aren’t likely to be complaints on down the road. The plan gives commanders flexibility and three more months to draw down, and leaves more troops than many hoped for, but hey, at least it’s a plan, and least it has a goal, and at least it will get our troops out of there.

I just heard a thud out front. 9:05 and the paper has arrived. Let’s see. Yes, it’s today’s! I’m going to go enjoy the pitter patter of rain and a late cup of coffee and the paper.

While I’m doing that, here’s the new video from Peter Doherty.

“Last of the English Roses” features guys playing football (soccer, really) on a playground, and a (gasp) guy on guy kiss at the end.

Not surprising from Peter, who’s pretty gay if past interviews mean anything. Gee, he seems like a character from my book…45 years ago. Well, the songs kind of catchy, anyway.