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>It’s gone

February 15, 2010

>Live 100.5 is no more.

Now there’s just automated music. No more Reg. No more Chris. No more Dru.

And for Birmingham no more Adult Alternative music once the station switches to un-original talk radio format.

One of my favorite songs they ever played was the Avett Brothers “Murder in the City.” I’ve posted this video before, in view of the death of decent radio it makes sense to re-post it.

Live 100.5 brought top notch musicians to the city. Brett Dennen was one that we saw. Here’s an interview with Brett from Billboard, where he explains his song “Heaven.” It’s not exactly about what you think.

People say Brett’s voice when speaking reminds them of Truman Capote.

Here you can listen to Brett and Natalie Merchant singing “Heaven.”

Adele is another artist that we might not hear on any other station. What a voice. and what a style.

Finally, my friends at Left in Alabama noted the demise of decent radio with this video of the Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be back. I do know that I’ll probably be the last human voice you’ll hear on Live 100.5.”

With that Scott Register ended his gig yesterday. I’m sure he’ll land somewhere else. Until then, I guess it’s Pandora on my blackberry for decent music in the car. At least until I replace my satellite radio.

>Redbuds and Scott Avett

March 18, 2009


Redbud trees are blooming. I know I probably say this every year, but they were a favorite of my mother. To her, they were a signal that spring was, indeed, here.

Look at the flowers closely. Often we just see a splash of pink along the roadside or at the edge of the yard, but never take time to notice the intricate details of the things that we appreciate.

There will be a workday at the Jonesboro Community Garden on Saturday, March 21 beginning at 9:00 am. We will be planting some new things, trimming some old things, and just getting the garden ready for Spring. come and join us. Look for an announcement soon of an Earth Day event at the Garden (maybe).

I keep hearing this song by the Avett Brothers, so I guess its time to post the video.

Singer Scott Avett is also an artist. Here’s a link to his work. Scott was born in Wyoming but raised in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Scott has been described as an “Artist Hobo, for his methods of collecting subject matter, inspiration, and time to work, expresses his ideas through multiple artistic mediums. These mediums include illustration, printmaking, painting, sculpture, songwriting, recording, and performing.”

“Conceptually, Avett’s work involves self critical analysis and awareness of one’s mental strengths and weaknesses such as phobia’s and talents, fears and courage.”

Speaking of art, I just got permission to use an author’s photos of petroglyphs from Nevada in a project I am working on with UAB. This is gonna be fun.