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>Good Bye Sarah

November 23, 2009

>I’m so glad I have better things to do than go to Brookwood Mall today.

Sarah Palin, (remember her?) is there. To honor the occasion, I will print this cartoon by Dan Darrow at the Ester Republic (he gave me permission in the comments of this post from when Palin was picked to help defeat John McCain).

“Good bye Sarah”

But Dan, why did you have to send her down here!!! Take her back. No wait, on second thought, please let her run for president in 2012. she’s doing such a good job for the democrats now, I can’t imagine the fun we will have for the next 3 years if she runs.

>The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

November 18, 2009

>Magazine covers have been in the news, or close to the news, lately. I present three covers, and will let you choose which is the good, which is the bad and which is the ugly.

I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio the other day and heard him say he was on the cover of Playboy. Something was not right. That just doesn’t compute. Ah, silly me, his name is on the cover, not his picture.

Playboy trashed him. Rightly so.

To write a serious critique of Beck is almost a waste of time. After all,
the man has referred to himself as a “rodeo clown” and a “recovering

Last night I heard about Newsweek’s cover, featuring Sarah Palin, with a shot that originally appeared in the August issue of Runner’s World.

Palin wasn’t pleased and wrote about it on Facebook:

The out-of-context Newsweek approach is sexist and oh-so-expected by now. If
anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn’t judge a book by
its cover, gender, or color of skin. The media will do anything to draw
attention — even if out of context.

Newsweek did not do her any favors.

Finally, People magazine is out with it’s sexiest Man of the Year. Johnny Depp.

I’ve seen some questions about why they chose this picture for the cover. But here you can see more pics of the sexy guys in People, including Depp. Oh, and read the articles if you like.


July 3, 2009

>Bessemer’s unemployment rate is nearing 30%. Back in the 1980’s just after the Pullman Standard plant closed, the unemployment rate topped 30%. Now it is at 27%. I hate to be cynical, but is this part of the “blessing” of Bessemer that we are hearing so much about?

One major unemployment announcement today is that Sarah Palin will step down as governor of Alaska at the end of the month. She said at the end of the Governor’s picnic on July 26 the Lieutenant Governor, whoever he is , oh, Sean Parnell, will be sworn in. He seemed a little surprised at the announcement, but later it was reported he has known since Wednesday.

From CNN

“Either Sarah Palin is leaving the people of Alaska high and dry to pursue her long shot national political ambitions or she simply can’t handle the job now that her popularity has dimmed and oil revenues are down,” DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said.
“Either way, her decision to abandon her post and the people of Alaska who elected her continues a pattern of bizarre behavior that more than anything else may explain the decision she made today.”

The Republicans are very entertaining, is all I can say. And at least she knocked Michael Jackson coverage off the air for a couple for a couple of hours.

Now, more about the Fourth of July.

When you cook out, cook some corn. I usually shuck it and wrap it aluminum foil after applying butter and salt and pepper. A little cayenne is good too.

But earlier this week I decided to pretend I was a Native American teaching the early settlers how to cook, so I pulled the husks down, removed the silks and buttered the corn and then pulled the husks back up. I took the longest husks and made a tie to keep the husks in place, and then grilled the corn.

Man, you’ve never had such good corn. And it smelled so good while cooking. The burgers were good too.

>Western Tribune Column October 15 2008

October 16, 2008

>My Western Tribune column from October 15, 2008

McCain’s ace in hole turns out a joker

The John McCain campaign was a hand of cards just waiting to fold under the up swell of support that Barack Obama expected after his acceptance speech in Denver. But McCain chose Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, in hopes that her experience in the Governor’s office and her fundamental Christian beliefs would excite Republicans as well as attract independents.

That strategy worked, as long as American voters were kept uninformed about her. Over time, we have learned a lot, and I could produce a long list of misstatements and missteps that she made, but the ethics violation announced on Friday trumps them all.

A bipartisan Alaska legislative panel found Palin in violation of the state ethics law. The statute says that holding office is a public trust, and any effort to benefit a personal interest is a violation of that trust. In common language, she abused her power as an executive officer of the state.

Sarah Palin has been hammering the voters with questions about Barack Obama in an attempt to cast doubts on his trustworthiness. Now that she has been shown to have violated the public trust, should she be casting stones at Obama?

In past weeks Palin has claimed that her executive experience has prepared her to lead the country. Now, when we think about her executive experience, we are reminded of her abuse of power. Do we really want to send someone to Washington with that record after enduring eight years of Dick Cheney?

Moving up the ticket to John McCain, questions have been raised about his judgment. Barack Obama highlighted this argument effectively during the second debate when he questioned McCain’s judgment in voting for the war in Iraq.

Now we can really question his judgment in choosing his vice presidential pick. The investigation was authorized in July, well before he announced his choice. He or his staff had to know that the investigation was underway.

McCain is known to be a gambler, but why would a candidate take a risk with the most important decision he makes during his campaign? What does it tell us about the kind of forethought that might go into his selections for cabinet members?

McCain’s ace in the hole has turned out to be a joker, and it’s time for the voters to call his hand.

>Wins and Losses

October 11, 2008


You win some, you lose some.
Here’s a win.
October 11 is National Coming Out Day, and is a good day for men and women to evaluate their lives, and if they are gay, to come out, at first to themselves, and later to others.
Coming out is a difficult process for many, but acknowledging one is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender is the first step. Hey, it’s OK. You’re OK.
But don’t think that once you come out, it’s all over. It’s a continuing process. As you meet new people, some may be interested, some may be offended. You may choose not to tell some people because it could cost you, you may choose to write a book and tell the world.
Those are just some thoughts. I am not a counselor or therapist and am not really giving advice. Well, yes I am. My advice is: Feel good about yourself. You are who you are.
Here’s a loss.
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has refused to issue a proclamation recognizing National Coming Out Day. After her remarks in the vice presidential debate, in which she said “If there’s any kind of suggestion at all from my answer that I would be anything but tolerant of adults in America choosing their partners, choosing relationships that they deem best for themselves, you know, I am tolerant, and I have a very diverse family and group of friends.” So Alaskans Together for Equality asked her to proclaim. But, alas, she refused, even though in October she has issued proclamations for Careers in Construction Week, 10th Annual Christian Heritage Week, Biomedical Technician Week, Alaska Taiwan Friendship Week, World Farm Animals Day, Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and Grand Opening of Rilke Schule Day.
Here’s a win.
The Supreme Court of Connecticut has ruled that same sex marriage is legal. Now there are three states offering full equality in marriage. Which state will be next?
Here’s a loss.
McDonald’s caved in to the anti-gays and will no longer support the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Well I can live without a Big Mac.
Here’s a win. It’s good to end on a win.
Newsweek has Obama 52 McCain 41 in a national poll as of October 10.

>Sandy Miranda

October 8, 2008

>I want to welcome Sandy Miranda to The Western Tribune. Her first column was in this week’s paper. Will she be “a progressive” and earn a spot on Bessemer Opinions as well? Time will tell, but for now, here is her first column. Why don’t you email her and let her know your opinions? She’s asking.

For women only: Well, men can take a look

Hello ladies! And welcome to my world. Our world, lives and problems are probably very similar no matter your race, religion, income, age or whether you worship Alabama or Auburn.

It just so happens I live in your neighborhood and have for more than 23 years.

We’ve probably passed one another at the supermarket, cheered together at the ballpark, or shared the same pew at church.

Hopefully, God willing and planets aligned, I will be writing about issues we care about and understand, explaining issues we care about but don’t understand.

Things like the job, the home, child care, teenagers, elder care, friendships, relationships, marriage, divorce, our bodies, our looks, our mental and emotional as well as physical health.

And of course, every column will include the fun stuff – fashion, home and garden, make-up, hair, travel and so on…just not all at the same time.

The thing I look forward to the most however, is interacting with you, the reader.
Your questions and opinions are the inspiration for columns like this one.

I’m sure sometimes we will agree and sometimes disagree but boy, wouldn’t it be a boring world if everyone always thought and supported the exact same things?

Through this column I hope to expand your view of the world, inspire you to bigger and better things, give you tips to make your life easier and healthier, make you laugh, and occasionally make you cry.

So this is for you, my sisters.

But also, encourage your man to read it. There are going to be things guys should know. It might even make their lives a tiny bit easier.

I’m sure we are going to be great friends, girls. Maybe not after you read this first column, but in truth, I hope you do come back and keep coming and keep coming. Because I hope my column not only entertains you, but educates you, infuriates you and makes you laugh, not always in that order, of course.

The column is about women, women’s issues, mom’s issues, career women’s issues, any issues involving the female sex. It is about young and old, teen and middle age, every religion and every race.
Conservative? Liberal? Yep, you are welcome here as well.

Through the next few months we will agree and disagree. I can promise you that.
I can also promise if you are the type of person who spouts opinions without facts, or if you make racist, cultural, catty, mean-spirited remarks, they too will be addressed.

But you probably will not like my response to such remarks.

There’s no room in my column for mudslinging over gossipy, unproven fairy tales.

But there is ENDLESS room for heartfelt, intelligent, opinions and stories.

So to get the ball rolling, I say let’s start out with the biggest ball we can find. I’m talking about the Republican nominee for vice president, Gov. Sarah Palin. And I would like for you to provide some answers to the following questions and submit your responses on this hotter-than-fire topic:

1. Do you believe Sarah Palin was the correct choice as John McCain’s running mate?

2. Are you familiar with Sarah Palin’s family background?

3. Are you familiar with her political qualifications for the job?

4. Do you think that if should something happen to McCain, Palin could step into his shoes and become president of the United States of America?

5. In your opinion, compare Sarah Palin with Hillary Clinton.

6. Most important, did you watch the debate?

Whew. I can feel the heat already. Let’s get started ladies.

You may address your letter or emails to or

>Extra Credit!!!

October 3, 2008

>Sarah Palin’s shout out to the third graders and her promise of extra credit for them if they were watching should get her a lot of votes.

But regarding an actual issue, when speaking of gay relationships, Sarah Palin said, “I am tolerant.”

That is supposed to make us feel better.

But was tolerance enough in 1947 when white bus drivers in North Carolina tolerated black riders as long as they sat at the back of the bus?

No, because tolerance ended when Bayard Rustin and other Reconciliation activists upset things by having blacks sit up front and whites sit in the back.

And when tolerance ended, over a two week period twelve riders had been charged with disorderly conduct or other “crimes”, and resulted in Rustin and others being sentenced to the North Carolina chain gang.

Silver lining: Rustin was released after serving 22 days on good behavior. He travelled to Chapel Hill and spoke at the University of North Carolina and got the ball rolling. Within two years North Carolina had abolished chain gangs. Bayard Rustin had proven that nonviolence could topple a violent system.

Anyway, back to the debate.

Palin: “But I also want to clarify, if there’s any kind of suggestion at all from my answer that I would be anything but tolerant of adults in America choosing their partners, choosing relationships that they deem best for themselves, you know, I am tolerant… But in that tolerance also, no one would ever propose, not in a McCain-Palin administration, to do anything to prohibit, say, visitations in a hospital or contracts being signed, negotiated between parties.”

Anybody that believes this stand on your head (a favorite expression of my mother). And let’s see how long until the fundies skewer her over this remark.

Joe Biden, on the other hand recognized constitutional protections that gays should have:

“Absolutely. . . . Look, in an Obama-Biden administration, there will be absolutely no distinction from a constitutional standpoint or a legal standpoint between a same-sex and a heterosexual couple…The fact of the matter is that under the Constitution we should be granted – same-sex couples should be able to have visitation rights in the hospitals, joint ownership of property, life insurance policies, et cetera. That’s only fair. It’s what the Constitution calls for. And so we do support it.”

Poll results:

CBS: Biden won 46% Palin won 21%

CNN Biden 51% Palin 36%

A reader had these concerns about the debate and about Governor Palin.

1. Why was Sarah Palin’s microphone on before and after the debate so that we could her her comments to Joe Biden and to the moderator but Joe Biden’s microphone was not on?

2. When is someone going to make an issue of Todd Palin’s job with BP?

3. When is someone going to make an issue of her lack of political science, law, or government education? (Like lacking the ability to name a supreme court case?)

4. During the debate she referred to Joe Biden as Joe while he addressed her as Governor Palin. (He said that would be OK).

5. If he would of been as aggressive as she was…he would have been attacked for attacking, being rude to a woman. (The bar was set so low for her that it didn’t matter what she did. Biden, however was held to different standards, and surpassed expectations, according to polls.)

6. At the beginning of the debate there was a shot from the back of the stage that clearly showed her flipping through notes on her podium. (Needs no explanation. I used to cram right before big tests, too, when I didn’t have a thorough understanding of the material.)

After considering the debate I don’t think it will make a difference one way or the other for either candidate. The race is between Obama and McCain, and while Obama’s policies were clearly put forth by Biden, and nothing but generalizations and folksy talk (“Yer darn right”) from Palin, voters feel that Obama can handle the economy, as McCain drops out of the race in Michigan. Maybe I should say, “suspends his campaign.”

>Sarah Palin Does Read!!!

October 2, 2008

>No wonder Sarah Palin wouldn’t admit what magazines or newspapers she reads.


Johnny Gentle Famous Crooner at Daily Kos, Ben Smiths Blog at Politico and others. Thanks Jim.

This picture is from 1995 and is of Governor Palin when she was a member of the Wasilla city Council.

The magazine in front of her is The New American, a John Birch Society publication.

The John Birch Society is the ultraconservative scary group formed in 1958. Their objectives have been the repeal of Social Security legislation (No!), the end of U. S. membership in the United Nations (No!), re taking the Panama Canal and an end to racial mixing.

This magazine is The New American and the headline has to do with stopping a proposed constitutional convention.

It seems they are claiming the magazine was just handed to her by a citizen, but it looks to me like she’s taking notes. Maybe she was just drawing a mustache on Mike Leavitt, Utah governor (at the time) whose picture is on the cover. (He was floating the idea of the convention).

At any rate, if this is where she gets her “World View” (a term she throws around a lot), then please don’t let her near D. C.

>No Wonder They Keep Her Sheltered

September 26, 2008


Now I feel better. Sarah Palin was asked to clarify her comment that living in Alaska, being next to Russia, gives her foreign policy experience.

“Well it certainly does, because our next door neighbors are foreign countries.”

So not only Russia, but Canada!!!

Well at least she’s right about the geography:

Here you can see how good she is at repeating what she is told to say. She just repeats the same phrase over when asked to really answer the question:

She just repeats the same phrase over when…oops, its catching. Sorry.

She knows absolutely nothing!

I can’t wait till the vice presidential debate. But like David Letterman said, John McCain is wanting to delay the presidential debate until after the bailout is settled, Sarah Palin wants to delay the vice presidential debate until after the election.

Watching Palin is depressing. This will cheer you up.

Signs of Hope and Change

>Sarah Palin and Witchcraft

September 25, 2008

>Sarah Palin has protection from witchcraft. Well, if Pastor Thomas Muthee’s prayers are effective. He and others laid hands on Palin and gave her this protection.

This is a little bit troubling.

First of all, witchcraft in this country was dealt with in Salem a few hundred years ago. We don’t have troublesome witchcraft in this country. Yikes! A picture just fell off the wall. Maybe we do. But if you’re going to be praying for deliverance from witchcraft and demons, shouldn’t you be in Washington laying hands on W?

Second. This Pastor is a Kenyan preacher. He, along with others, used “spiritual mapping” to hunt down a witch named Mama Jane, who they believed was causing crime and spiritual oppression in the area, and blamed car accidents in the area on her. He whipped the town into a frenzy and the people wanted to stone her. Police tried to intervene, and thought they were being confronted by a demon when they entered her house. Alas, it was just her pet python, but they shot it anyway.

Third. And the media tells us Jeremiah Wright was wacko and divisive? They need to look into this guy.