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>The Best Little Boy in the World Gives Advice

October 7, 2008


The Best Little Boy in the World was written by John Reid in 1973. It was a memoir of a gay kid growing up. Twenty five years later we learned that John Reid was a pseudonym, that one could not self identify as a homosexual in the 1970’s and expect to get anywhere.

Good move, Andrew. John Reid turned out to be Andrew Tobias, financial whiz and author of The Best Little Boy in the World Grows Up, as well as The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need and other best sellers. His work has appeared in Parade magazine, Time and others. (I have the two Best Little Boy books if anyone wants to borrow.)

He also is the treasurer for the Democratic Party.

And he gives advice daily (almost) on this blog where today’s post outlines his four pronged approach to surviving the effects of the Bush years. Good advice. Now if I just had some money I could follow it.