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>Water sports

December 22, 2010

>First, let me correct something I wrote yesterday.

Regarding the new Dollar General distribution center, the property is on Lakeshore Drive but not at the previously cleared corner I described. The article in the Birmingham News led me to that conclusion. At any rate, it’s good for Bessemer. And we still wonder what the corner development will be.

Second, some weather predictions are mentioning the “S” word for Christmas Day. Birmingham has never had a White Christmas. Could be a once in a lifetime event. Or, it could a wet, dreary, “who wants to roller skate in this weather” kind of day.

Remember getting roller skates for Christmas? The kind with a key that has to be used to tighten the skates on your feet? I do. My kids got roller-blades.

One Christmas, after I was grown, and living on Cherokee Lake in east Tennessee, I got a trick ski for Christmas.

That’s not the trick ski, and the picture wasn’t taken on Christmas, but it’s me skiing on Cherokee Lake, one of the few pictures of that activity.

One Christmas break during college a group of us took a trip to Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia, where we backpacked and camped for several days. Here’s a picture (in keeping with the water theme) of one of my friends and me on the ferry going to the island. I’m the woolly one.

And here I am, once again in Georgia, rafting down the Chattooga River, a trip we took more than once during my college days. Remember the movie, Deliverance? That’s me in the front of this raft. All of the people in this raft, other than our guide, are veterinarians. This picture wasn’t taken at Christmastime.

Here’s Brad Paisley. This video, Water, has some scenes of water skiing that bring back some memories of some crazy stunts we tried. Fortunately, no photographic record exists of those antics.

>Info meeting today in B’mer and the CMA review

November 12, 2009

>In Bessemer today Norfolk Southern makes their case again by teaming up with the Alabama Department of Transportation for a second informational meeting regarding their planned Intermodal Facility in McCalla. The event will be held at the Bessemer Civic Center from 4 – 7 this afternoon.

Nominations for a community group will also be taken. Norfolk Southern will not have a role in selecting the members of the committee, which will be their primary community contact.

Let’s hope the folks from McCalla can be a little more serious in their approach to the informational meeting this time. Remember August?


This was not your daddy’s Country Music Awards.

For one thing, Darius Rucker won new artist of the year.

But even better, two songs that were performed, two(!), included lyrics referring to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Brad Paisley performed “Welcome to the Future,” and Tim McGraw performed “Southern Voice.”

I can’t embed the video for “Future,” but Watch the video for a lift. I really wish I could have embedded this. Paisley won Male Vocalist of the Year.

Here is Tim’s video,

The highlight of the evening had to be 19 year old Taylor Swift winning Entertainer of the Year, after winning Female Vocalist and Album of the Year and Video of the Year. Here are her three acceptance speeches. She gets in a dig at Kanye without mentioning his name.

I think that the country music industry is a little more forward thinking than many of their fans. I don’t think I have to explain that. Now if one or two of those closeted performers would come out and take a stand…

Oh, and you teabagging Republicans, the future that Brad Paisley is singing about is here, and there is nothing you can do about it.