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May 14, 2009

>Reality shows are coming to their season’s ends. This year has been fun, even though who has time to watch all the shows. So let me recap.

On American Idol last night, the two finalists were named. This is gonna be close. We have Adam Lambert from San Diego…

And Kris Allen from Conway, Arkansas.

Both will have a successful career, and we know that often second place (or lower) finishers go on to do better than the winner. So, who will it be?

On The Amazing Race, Luke and his mother Margie did not win, but they had the greatest difficulty factor in my opinion. Luke is deaf, and in this contest communication is key. They did well however, and made it to the final three.

Luke, by the way, is gay, and in this interview he and his mother talk about the race and about labels, and the challenges Luke faces as a deaf man and especially as a deaf gay man in issues like dating.

This season of The Amazing Race was apparently the gayest ever, with father and son team Mel and Mike White (both gay), sisters Kisha and Jen (Kisha is a lesbian), Luke, and another gay person who is not out of the closet.

On America’s Next Top Model a winner was chosen. Teyona. What can I say? Look for Teyona on the cover of Seventeen magazine and in addition she won a $100,000 Cover Girl contract and will be managed by Elite Model Management.

On America’s Biggest Loser Mike Morelli came in second place, but still, congrats Mike. Looking good.

But the winner was Helen, this years biggest loser.

On Survivor Tocantins, Drake Middle School (in Auburn) principle Debra Beebe was eliminated. But Samson, Alabama cattle rancher J T is still in the running. Here is a clip from an earlier show in which he broke a tooth.