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>Don’t be stupid

January 5, 2010

>On a cold morning this was the view as I emerged from the Kirklin Clinic. Maybe not too noticeable in the photo, but jumped out at me, was this woman sitting on the edge of one of the planters.

Cut to the chase. Smoke exiting her lungs. Oxygen tank by her side (to her right, it is almost blocked by her purse in the photo).

See the little sign among the plants? See that there are three visible in this photo. Here is what they say.

In each of the planters are signs like this facing in all directions.

Now, I will be the first to admit that quitting cigarettes is difficult. I began smoking in the 8th grade, quit when I went to college, started again after college, quit again when fatherhood neared.

But worse, I watched my father suffer and die because of cigarettes. He tried to quit numerous times, and even tried acupuncture to help. He had heart disease, emphysema and COPD. He died.

Have you ever watched someone who couldn’t breathe? I mean, really couldn’t breathe?

The best way to quit smoking is to not start in the first place. If you are a young person reading this, don’t be a fool. You can be cool without smoking. And you won’t smell like a smokestack, your teeth won’t be yellow and kissing you won’t be like licking an ashtray.

If you already smoke…quit! Here are resources.

This is a kind of funny anti-smoking ad.