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>Easter Weekend

April 13, 2009

>I hope everyone had a happy Easter, or, if it’s not a holiday you celebrate, a good weekend. I know the family of Captain Richard Phillips had a good weekend, as they learned their love one had been rescued. Here’s Captain Phillips with the commanding officer of the USS Bainbridge, Cmdr. Frank Castellano, after the rescue.

Picture credit U.S. Navy, via Reuters

For republicans always on the watch for an Obama failure, this success must bring mixed messages. Obama carries a big stick and uses it. The world, including those who don’t like us, are sure to notice.

At the risk of fueling Bessemer Opinions detractors claims that I make everything gay, I offer the following. We did the egg dying thing Saturday night…

…threw all our eggs in one basket (carton)…

…and they landed in the pattern of the Rainbow flag, the symbol of gay pride.

Easter, unlike Christmas, is difficult to make gay. I mean, there are no elves or fairies, no gaudy red suits, no anticipated decorating opportunity, no fabulous parties at The Castle or here.

Well, there are Peeps.

But the real Easter story, that Jesus died for our sins and rose again, for all of us, straight or gay, is good enough for me.

As for the rainbow of eggs, what do hard boiled eggs have to do with Easter anyway?