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>Is Gay The New Black?

May 13, 2009


A lot of people disagree, but hey, a civil right is a human right is a civil right.
Anyway, Tyra Banks asked this question on her show last week, and here you can watch the entire show. The first half is about a lesbian couple whose marriage was not recognized by one of the mothers. They were a repeat on the show, and their segment had little to do with gay being the new black.

The next segment introduces Sam Harris, (the musician) who is passionate about his relationship of 14 years to his partner and their infant son. Watch this in the third segment at the link.

The last segment is this one, where a “debate” between same sex marriage advocates and those against takes place. Let’s see, who demonstrates love and understanding here?

Shameless plug. My book, of course, which I have recently gotten back from an editor and am making some changes in, and am still working on getting published, follows one young man’s journey in 1965 as he learns that rights and equality belong to all people.

Ok, back to the show. Tyra was struck by Sam’s vlog after Prop 8 was passed. Now this video was made just after Prop 8 was passed, and some misinformation was released about black voters and their support.

“There always has to be somebody low to kick around.”

Thanks, Sam.

Miss California

While on the subject, let me say that I am glad Miss California is keeping her crown. Remember, I asked why this was a controversy in the first place. She’s allowed to have her view, and to answer from her heart. And yes, Perez Hilton is a doof. But so is Donald Trump.