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>As close as I will ever get

March 16, 2010

>Monday was an interesting day as I expanded my horizons by accompanying my friend Glenn Shadix to a screen test for a major film that will be shot this summer. This is as close as I will ever get to having anything to do with a movie. Unless somebody picks up one of my books, of course.

My impression of a screen test from this one time experience is that it is not so much a snippet of the movie or a scene, it is about getting the actor’s skills and presentation down in a short clip without the distraction of advanced cinematography or too much attention paid to set and decoration. A few simple props and good videographer is the key.

Glenn chose Michael Gordon and the shoot was done at N9NE Agency in Tuscaloosa.

Here’s Glenn shooting an exterior (indoors).

Here’s a couple of shots from the interior scene.

Glenn and I agree that Michael did a great job with the short video. “I enjoy the chance to give a good audition,” Glenn told me, but he assured me that he is glad to be living here in Alabama and not back in Southern California.

Here’s Michael and Jeremiah (left, who monitored sound and some other technical stuff),

Jeremiah, Glenn and Michael.

This should be a great movie and a lot of people will want to see it, based on what I know. More about that and about the people already associated with the film in a later post.


December 3, 2009

>We saw the movie “Precious” this past weekend, and I think everyone should see it. It exposes a reality that too many people face – the horror of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. But it also shows what can happen when someone cares.

The movie has an outstanding cast including Gabourey Sidibe as Precious. Sidibe was raised in Harlem, and was pursuing a degree in psychology when she was cast for the role. Lenny Kravitz plays nurse John, and Mariah Carey plays the social worker Ms. Weiss. Mo’Nique plays Mary, the mother of Clareece Precious Jones. Paula Patton plays Ms. Rain, the teacher that cares.

Watch the trailer. See the movie.

>Movie news and Bessemer courthouse

August 3, 2009

>I spoke with Glenn Shadix over the weekend. Glenn is in Maui filming Finding Gauguin. Read about it at

The headline on is Bessemer courthouse overrun as satellites close so I went to see. A bit of an exaggeration, although I am sure the people waiting feel inconvenienced as hell.

I’ve seen more people than this in the past months on certain days. Of course, I didn’t go inside to see the line in there, but I know how they usually limit it.

I told you I was going to order The Fall from Netflix. Here is the trailer.

However, before I can get The Fall, we had to watch another movie to send back. Before Night Falls, is the story of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas. It was good.

Here are some of the Johnny Depp scenes, mixed up, as he plays two roles, Bon Bon and Lt. Victor. Johnny Depp is hot, male or female.


July 10, 2009

>This is not about the food stores.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie “Bruno” opens today, and naturally people in Alabama are featured. More on that later.

Roger Ebert give the movie 4 stars, saying “here is a film that is 82 minutes long and doesn’t contain 30 boring seconds.”

Cohen holds nothing back in this effort, which the gay community and the rest of the world doesn’t yet know how to take. I mean, it is said the movie will make straight homophobes uncomfortable and make them re-examine their prejudices or something like that, but that is making an assumption that straight homophobes will go see the movie.

OK, I know. Some will, because of their secret desires and fantasies, but still, I think the majority of the audience will be Cohen fans, mostly young people who already support gay equality.

Anyway, after watching the trailer, I think I will have to see it.

Playing at Alabaster, Lee Branch, Patton Creek, Summit, Tannehill, Trussville and Vestavia Hills. See ya there!

As for the Alabama connection, Birmingham Youth Pastor Jody Trautwein is featured when Bruno goes to him seeking counseling to become ex-gay. I think the ex-gay movement…no, let me re-phrase that. I know the ex-gay movement is a sham.

Here’s how a commenter (bdavis95) on put it:

“As long as we have people like this pastor who lead organizations whose sole purpose is to maintain discrimination, bigotry and hate, we will continue to be made fun of.”

But Trautwein is not put off by this, in the article he says he thinks this will be used to bring people to Jesus.

Actually it will bring more people to the movie.