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>Updates from yesterday

May 21, 2009

>Kris Allen won American Idol, and no one was more surprised than Kris himself.

“Are you freakin‘ serious? … It feels good man, but Adam deserves this. I don’t even know what to feel right now. This is crazy. Thank you so much.”

I said yesterday that gays would feel cheated if Adam did not win, and sure, the greater talent did belong to Adam. But like my friend Glenn said (in response to my facebook status) “Adam will be a huge star but Kris needed the win.”

CW says that most of the Gokey votes went to Kris, and that is what propelled him past Adam.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution was sure that Adam Lambert would win, and posted this at 10:11 (Eastern time) last night after the winner was announced:

From towleroad , who also reported that this was the fault of the AP, not the AJC.

Be sure to read my Western Tribune column this week (about the occupational tax), posted directly below this.

And the California Supreme Court posted this on their site yesterday:

Forthcoming Opinion Filings
May 20 2009 — No opinions were announced for filing on Thursday, May 21, 2009.

There is no pending notice of forthcoming opinion filings. When opinions are expected to file, notices are generally posted the day before. Opinions are normally filed Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.

There was a rumor that San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome asked the court to delay the filing so as not to coincide with the White Night Riots anniversary, but his office denied that.

The California Courts are closed Monday, so we shouldn’t expect an opinion then.

Here’s Kris singing “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

And there’s some strange goings on in a neighboring city. That’s all I can say right now. (But I’m not talking about Midfield’s mayor, though I might real soon).