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>Bessemer Politics…too early, and Kevin Richardson

March 19, 2009

>Be sure to read my Western Tribune column from yesterday’s paper. It’s about our AG, Troy King, and you can find it just below this post.

At least twice a week someone asks me if I am running for City Council next year.

There is no doubt that I believe Bessemer is lacking the kind of leadership it needs in critical areas. This includes elected positions like mayor, city council and school board.

But instead of focusing on City Council district 7, let’s think about mayor.

No!!! Not me, even though…well I won’t go there.

But how about Anthony Underwood? It’s just a thought, not an endorsement. I am just interested in getting business minded new blood into these positions.

Here’s an article about Anthony that was in today’s B’ham News. He owns West Lake Mall, where Food World is closing. The article describes various possibilities for development, including a flea market (yawn!) or a discount outlet mall (?).

Ok, enough of boring local politics (it will get juicier next year…or next week if you count Louise Alexander’s trial).

In the news…have you seen this guy, Kevin Richardson, aka Lion Whisperer? Does he not watch other news stories about humans interacting with wild…that’s WILD…animals?

“Every job has its risks,” he says. OK.
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Now don’t confuse him with former Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson. He probably has more sense.