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December 15, 2008

>I am not going to be creative today. Someone already has. My friend Homer noted that some are calling for banning gay marriage because it isn’t mentioned in the Bible. So he posted this:

Things not mentioned in the bible that aren’t banned. Vanilla, parsnips, Austria, Pepto-Bismol, Lil Kim, movies, Gilligan’s Island, keyboards, Ipods, gall bladders, Puff, Joey, Mama Cat, saguaro cacti, Sheryl Crow, Mormon magic underpants, Saturn, post-nasal drip, gorillas, celiac disease, the Jesuit Order, Tucson, flypaper, maple syrup, Patti LaBelle singing Moulin Rouge, armadillos, kangeroo meat, Michelle Obama, Lost, AM radio, testicular cancer, double penetration, ice skating, jumbo jets, the internet, California, pizza, gas stoves, tractors, Orangina, Eastenders, kitty litter, cotton candy, candy thermometers, suspension bridges, scuba gear, Jake Dakota, Daniel Zueras, hematomas, Secret deodorant, plasma tvs, North America, actresses portraying Anne Boleyn, blood type AB+, mohawks, Mike Huckabee, and my blog.

But gay marriage must be banned because it isn’t mentioned in the bible.

Makes perfect f***ing sense to me.

OK. I have a couple of questions. In the Bible, angels are said to be “genderless”. But they are often referred to as male, like in Genesis or like Gabriel. But at Christmas time, every angel you see is female.

There is a story behind these angels (actually part of a pair). I bought them years ago, used them once on the mantel. Put them away with the Christmas decor. Every year since I have searched for them, opening every box and looking in every trunk in the attic and the basement, and could not find them. I mean, they are like two or three feet tall, hard to miss.

This year, there they were, in a box of Christmas stuff that we use every year.

There’s ghosts in this house I tell ya. Strange things happen.

But if biblical angels are referred to as male, why do we not see angels depicted like this?

Or this?

Who wouldn’t want angels like these “myspace angels” watching over?