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>Breaking news: Republicans diss Hispanics

August 6, 2009

>If you missed it, here is video of the final few votes in the Senate today as Judge Sonia
Sotomayor was confirmed as Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

At risk of losing even more Hispanic support in upcoming elections, the majority of Republicans in the Senate voted against the confirmation, yet at the same time confirming their racist and or sexist views.

This is a positive happening for President Obama, who in recent days has seen some slippage of support due to the lies and rude, almost unbelievable behavior of the ignorant anti-health care people. More on that in the Tribune.

At any rate, if you are Hispanic or believe in the equality of all people, remember this in 2010, 2012 and beyond. They (Republicans) don’t like you, they never did, they only want to use you. Oh, and they don’t want you (women) making decisions when you are menstruating.

>A Wise Latina Woman…

July 14, 2009

>…knows how to handle a foolish, white racist.

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Jeff Sessions’ past use of the words “boy” and “white folks” (read this) takes me to the “wayback” when I already knew not to use such terms, but apparently he was comfortable with them.

And this? “Sessions was heard by several colleagues commenting that he ‘used to think they [the Klan] were OK’ until he found out some of them were ‘pot smokers.’”

In an interview prior to the hearings Sessions said (referring to the upcoming hearings), “I hope the people of Alabama feel like I conducted myself in way they can be proud of, a fair way, but in a way that didn’t shy away from defending the great legal principles that made America the freest and most prosperous country in the world. It’s difficult to do.”

Nothing you do makes us proud, Senator. Including, well, you know.

Earlier nominee Sotomayor had addressed the Wise Latina comment…

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She is sailing through the process, but it is still informative to watch. I don’t have time to watch it all, but it sure is interesting.