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>Two polls (that don’t have anything to do with politics)

November 2, 2010

>The Election

If you are like many Americans and many in Alabama and even in Bessemer, in spite of all the hype and crazy people running for office you don’t know much about this (here) election they are putting on today.

All you know is what you see on the political ads that run during the news, during the World Series (congrats to San Francisco!!! and (hot) bearded Brian Wilson), and during every television show it seems.

So you may or may not vote. I mean, OFA and other groups are doing all they can to Get Out The Vote. Democrats are trying to remind voters who first voted in 2008 that it is still important to vote. Republicans are screaming, “Fire!,” in an effort to motivate their voters.

Some of you might even respond to this: here is your voter guideor here.

And still, only 55% of voters are expected to turn out in Alabama, according to Beth Chapman, Alabama’s Secretary of State.

Almost half of the people in this state don’t care. So if somebody wins, say, the governorship, with just a little over half the vote, what it really means is that only a quarter of the people (or a little more) in the state want that person to be governor.

One person who doesn’t want Robert Bentley to be governor is Jimmy Blake, who says he will contest the election if Bentley wins the election today, based on Bentley’s reporting of campaign fund raising.


We’ve seen polls and polls and polls and polls and surveys. We even had a poller call at 7:10 yesterday evening. What good is that going to do?

Poll 1

Here are some of the results of the reader’s survey I posted on Bessemer Opinions a few weeks ago.

23% of the respondents are straight and 19% are LGBT. That means that 52% of you are either unsure of your sexuality or so deep in the closet and so paranoid about being discovered that you were afraid to answer even on an anonymous poll.

61% of you are white, and only 6% are black. That leaves a lot of people of other colors. Or not.

See that’s the problems with surveys where you can choose multiple answers. Some people didn’t know that, so they didn’t answer the race or sexual orientation questions. Or they are paranoid and they probably didn’t complete their census form either.

The highest number of you, 31%, like the mix of subjects and the unexpected that you find on Bessemer Opinions. 16% want more Bessemer news and less gay news, 7% wanted more gay news and less Bessemer. You are still going to get the mix.

What this tells me is that Bessemer Opinions is popular among a wide variety of people with a variety of interests, and that I should keep reporting as I do on a number of subjects.

Poll 2

Yesterday I wrote this column for Daily Kos that compares the two Georgia megachurch pastors and the churches that have been in the news recently regarding gay issues. At the end of that column there was a poll asking “Which church offers the truer message of Christianity regarding gay issues?” The choices are New Birth Missionary Baptist Church led by Pastor Eddie Long or Church in the Now led by Pastor Jim Swilley, or neither.

Of the 42 people who have responded, 78% think Church in the Now, with the pastor who has been inclusive and accepting and recently came out as gay, is offering the truer message, and only 2% believe New Birth led by the pastor who was accused of having sexual relations with some of his male followers while preaching an anti-gay message is offering the truer Christian message. 19% say neither, and I assume those are people without faith, or people who have been driven away from the church.

Swilley and his supporters are hoping they can change the world. I think all, or most, Christian churches believe that, but let’s hope he is right.

The Challenger

Some of you know that there is now a blog that has been created to stand up against my militancy.

From their “Welcome” page:

This blog exists to spend a little time answering the radical homosexual propaganda of Joe Openshaw, a gay organizer in Bessemer, Alabama. It is also a place for conservative Christians to have their say regarding the militant homosexual agenda in Bessemer.

Radical? One of my straight friends responded to that saying she thinks I am pretty moderate.

Militant? Militant? I can’t even respond to that. Militant?

Anyway, for those of you who are keeping score.

1. There was a newspaper editor in town that threatened to file a lawsuit against me to force me to quit revealing the truth. He’s gone. Fired.

2. There was another blogger, the “Bessemer conservative” I called him in a newspaper column. He’s pretty much given up, but was real good at copying and pasting from those anti-Obama emails that used to circulate with so much mis-information.

3. And then there was Snuffy, who in a letter to the newspaper called me a communist and worse, and compared my loving relationship with my partner to screwing a horse. Anyone heard from him lately?

So I don’t feel threatened by this newcomer, who so far has chosen not to reveal his whole identity. I know this is just a tease, but I am not going to post a link to his blog, yet, because he has already posted some statements which could be damaging to young gay kids. Here I am trying to prevent kids from killing themselves and this “conservative Christian” is destroying their self esteem and possibly contributing to their harmful actions.

If you want a link to the page, email me.

>Poll Results and Hallway Restore

October 24, 2008

>Poll Results

The poll results to the left are pretty amazing, even though the sample was small (n=51), and the method non-scientific. There were 26 votes for Obama (Already decided + decided because of Colin Powell), or, 51%. There were 22 votes for McCain, or 43%. Undecideds, including the person who was not yet registered, totalled 3, or 5.9%. I hope that person registers by today (in Alabama); did you?

This is very close to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, which today had Obama at 50%, McCain at 43% , leaving 7% undecided.

This makes me think that Bessemer Opinions readers are a snapshot of the nation. Even though from my site statistics I know that readers come mostly from Alabama, I also know that I have regular readers in Scotland and in South Africa, as well as occasional readers from other countries, and they may have voted.

Since Barack Obama has left the campaign trail, I will leave the supporter trail and show some pictures of my hallway project.

Preparing the Walls

Here is what you have to deal with, multiple layers of wallpaper (on the ceiling also), cracked plaster, staples holding torn wallpaper together (and papered over).

This is the original wallpaper, from the 1890’s. Beautiful, but it had to make the hallway dark and dreary.

This was the second wallpaper applied, hard to know what year, I am not a wallpaper expert. I would guess in the 20’s.

This paper was probably added in the 1950’s.

This was a neat find. Someone had penciled a three digit phone number on the plaster. This was in the area where, oddly enough, I could tell, an early wall telephone had been removed, and the plaster repaired. So the number is not from the time of the original plastering (ca. 1895). I don’t know much about telephone history in Bessemer, except I have an old Recipe Booklet from the Circle No. 1 Ladies from First Methodist Church, which has one digit (Phone 3 Searcy’s Market), two digit (Phones 20 and 21 Superior Ice Cream Co)and three digit (Phone 185, 186 Anderson’s Cleaners – we still use them)and four digit number (Phones 1414 – 9131 J. W. Huddleston Prescription Druggist). This booklet was made sometime after 1927 (an ad for Bentley’s claims “since 1927.” )
It looks like “Randall + Miller Phone 415” or something close to that.

Re-doing the hallway, also means means re-doing this scary staircase which leads down to the dungeon…uh, basement. See how it looks like steam is rising? Hmmm.

Here the walls are repaired and ready to paint. That began yesterday.

More pictures when the project is complete.

>Barack Obama’s Magic Number

September 2, 2008

>According to a USA Today poll, Barack Obama now has the support of 50 % of respondents in a head to head match up with John McCain.

Pundits have been saying he couldn’t get to the 50% mark (while ignoring that John McCain has not reached that mark). Well, here it is, 50 – 43.

Rasmussen has Obama at 51 %, when they include “leaners,” to McCain’s 45 %.

RealClearPolitics has all the latest presidential polls, and they all have Obama up by several points.


August 7, 2008

>Barack Obama has topped 50% in the polls. No, not that poll, rather the one asking who you would rather carpool with, from Lifetime’s Every Woman Counts campaign. 51% would rather carpool with Obama, 31% with McCain.

As far as the vote goes, 49% of women polled said they are supporting Obama and 38% are supporting McCain. The poll asked a lot of questions about women’s views on veepstakes, what Hillary supporters think and more.

A new CBS poll this morning has Obama 45% and McCain 39%.

The new Time poll shows Obama with a 46% to 41% lead. As to likeability, “Obama beats McCain 65% to 20%; as for which is the real candidate for change, he leads 61% to 17%. Obama also beats McCain 48% to 35% on who understands voters’ concerns best, another key indicator of appeal.”

And in a poll with local interest, Representative Artur Davis released this yesterday (from Left in Alabama :

…a majority of Alabama voters now say that Alabama is ready to elect an African American governor in 2010. Fifty three percent of Alabamians agree that the state is ready, while 37% disagree.

Of course, that does not necessarily mean we are ready to elect Artur Davis, but he’s got a year or so to work on it. He certainly does not hold favor among the gay community, because of
this (ignoring history) and this (Artur in Bessemer).

However, the gay community is more faithful to the values put forth by the party than the candidates often are, and will support the Democratic nominee in 2010 regardless of who it is. Maybe.