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>Video contrasts

July 24, 2009

>Some things just make me want to pull my hair out. I keep it short, so it’s hard to grab.

Why does a country like the United States give any cred to G. Gordon Liddy. For those too young to remember, he was the mastermind behind the break in at the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel in 1972. Can you say “Nixon?” Can you say “prison – 4 1-2 years.” Now he has a talk show and is one of the leading birthers.

In this video, he shows just how out of touch he is, claiming that President Obama is an illegal alien and should be “picked up.” Maybe they can send a cop from Cambridge…no, I won’t even go there.

When I watch something as ridiculous as that I have to counter it with something calming. This video from Kuroshio Sea in Japan, the world’s second largest aquarium will do it, the music is “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona. Aquatic zen. h/t Andy

Or, just watch 8 year old Ciana Pelekai on America’s Got Talent. Wow. Warning though, the last part of the video is a loser.