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>Miss USA and Progressive Republicans

April 21, 2009

>Kristen Dalton

I’m trying very hard to decide why this created controversy.

First, I wonder why Perez Hilton was chosen to be a judge, but that’s a different issue.

No, I wonder why they claim that Miss California Carrie Prejean lost the pageant because of her answer. That is what conservatives are claiming.

I didn’t watch the pageant, but I read that Kristen Dalton, who won, also beat Miss California in the swim suit and evening gown competition. It seems she won the pageant fair and square.

From Digital City :

“Miss North Carolina USA Kristen Dalton had the highest scores of the contestants in both sections with a 9.198 in swimsuit and a 9.470 in gown.”

This seems more like a Fox News type fabricated controversy to make it seem that someone was victimized because of her conservative views.

Who cares what a Miss USA contestant thinks about an issue? Sure, it’s a little disappointing that she’s not more enlightened, but this is a contest where women parade around in bikinis, after all.

So let’s not get distracted by one beauty queen’s view. She’s allowed to have her view. But it’s also right to point out that the country is moving past her view at lightning (well, slow lightning) speed.

Take this for instance.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, describes herself as a “progressive Republican”, is liberal on social issues and says she was “raised a Christian, an open minded Christian.” She supports same sex marriage.

The future of the Republican Party depends on people like Meghan McCain. But for now, the party is controlled by…controlled by…well, for now the party is out of control.