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>Newsweek Makes the Case

December 12, 2008

>Well, finally a mainstream publication gets it right on same sex marriage and the Bible and has the ba…, gumption to print it. Newsweek article.

Newsweek created a firestorm however. I heard about this the other day on local AM talk radio. I am sure the hosts (Dominick Brascia and friends) had not read the article, they just automatically condemned the magazine, the author and anyone else associated with it.

Anyway, please do not comment on this unless you read the article.

Also on Newsweek is their Readback, where the response to the article is presented.

The main argument presented against the article and against same sex marriage is that it is wrong because…it is wrong. Nothing factual, nothing to refute the argument that the author makes. In fact, like Dominick, I suspect the comments were made by people who had not even read the article. I know people like this, I wrote a long letter once to a dear friend explaining my beliefs about sexuality and the Bible, and she wrote back that she began reading the letter but stopped after realizing the position I was taking (before she actually read what I was really saying).

American hearts are being changed since the passage of California’s Prop 8. I’m almost glad it passed, now, because it brought the debate into the streets and into the living rooms across the country. More people are learning about the hardship gay couples have in hospital visitation, estate matters, child rearing and more.

Now we have an article in one of the three major news magazines. The passage of Prop 8 sped up the recognition of same sex marriage in America, no doubt.

There still will be a fight, but it just got easier.