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>Auburn on top in recruiting

February 3, 2010

>It looks like Auburn wins the recruiting war in the state, at least so far and according to which has Auburn ranked number 3 and Alabama number 5 in the nation.

Let’s focus on Bessemer City’s LaDarius Owens.

Photo credit Phillip Marshall reports this:

Bessemer City linebacker LaDarius Owens woke up this morning and starting thinking about his future. Then he started texting. The Auburn commitment sent out text messages to about “16 or 17” future Tigers he’d gotten close to during the recruiting process. “I texted all of them this morning,” he said. “It said ‘Go ahead and get your letters in and get this over with’ and ‘Let’s get ready to play at Auburn’ and “I love all of you guys’ because I wanted all of those guys to know we are brothers now. We’re in the Auburn family.”

Owens said both he and Pelham’s Jake Holland have been praised by Auburn coach Gene Chizik for their skills as linebacker prospects and recruiters. “Every time I talk to Coach Chizik he says that Jake and I are the best recruiters,” Owens said. “He said we were a big part of the success of this recruiting class. Jake and I would share numbers and we’d go about talking to guys and making sure they were coming to Auburn. We went to work recruiting this class, too.” That allowed Owens to be a pretty astute prognosticator when it came to the prospects of “Big Cats” like South Carolina runner Marcus Lattimore and Louisiana’s Trovon Reed signing with Auburn.

“I knew Lattimore wasn’t coming because he wasn’t tight with any of the guys in this class after ‘Big Cat’ weekend,” Owens said. “I knew Trovon was coming because he texted me this morning saying he was. He kept everyone else waiting.” Owens said about the only guy who was tight within his circle that didn’t come to Auburn was Lincoln’s D.J. Howard. “I really don’t want to talk about that,” Owens said. “D.J. let me down but I don’t hate him for it or anything. He’s still like a brother to me.”

Owens had a little Signing Day drama today as the school fax machine was not functional. He had a teacher drive him to the Bessemer Board of Education in order to make sure he complied with that text message he sent out to all his future teammates. Owens actually tried to get all the Auburn signees in the Birmingham area to sign together as a class instead of at their respective high school. But logistics and school loyalties proved to be tough. “We are all going to be teammates soon,” Owens said. “I wanted to get (Springville’s) Jeremy Richardson, Chris Davis from Woodlawn and Jake (Holland) and me and anybody else all to sign in the same place. It would have been cool to already sign together as teammates.”

Owens held his ceremony at 1 p.m. today at Bessemer City High School.

Here he is at the signing ceremony today at Bessemer City, sporting his Auburn jersey and surrounded by Auburn folks and balloons.

Picture credit Western Tribune

Watch LaDarius here, in this composite video from 2008. Watch out QB’s.

War Eagle!!!

>Bama – National Champs, Ron Sparks moving up

January 8, 2010

>My friend Neal made an interesting observation.

The Crimson Tide is the National Champion-but keep in mind that the Tide defeated Texas by 16 points and Florida by 19 but Auburn by a mere 5! War Damn Eagle!

Congratulations to Alabama. Many of us Auburn fans pulled for Alabama in last night’s BCS championship. Let’s see how many Alabama fans will pull for Auburn next year when we are in that game.

So Tuscaloosa developer and Bessemer developer Stan Pate paid for the banner that flew around the Rose Bowl urging impeachment of Governor Bob Riley.

Picture credit Mark Almond

While Pate’s explanation certainly holds water, his action shows a complete lack of class.

“Look, this guy is trying to shut down businesses that employ thousands of hard-working Alabamians while he’s out there for a football game on the taxpayer dollar. I think what this guy tried to do in Dothan Wednesday was an act aimed at putting Alabamians out of work, and somebody has to hold him accountable and that’s what the banner is doing.”

“Impeach corrupt Alabama Governor Bob Riley,” the banner read.

Regardless of who the governor is, when they are trying to promote our state, we should not detract from that. This was a celebratory event, even before the kickoff, and flying a banner around just seemed childish.

Oh, yeah. It was Stan Pate.

Riley will be gone soon enough. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that he will be removed from office before the regularly scheduled departure following the election this year.

The only question is, which democrat candidate will be replacing him?

Artur Davis’ popularity is falling, and Ron Sparks’ is rising. That’s not based on polling, it’s just based on listening.

Ron Sparks had the following to say about Governor Riley’s failed plan to raid Country Crossings in Dothan.

“Governor Riley’s latest attempt to shut down gaming operations at Country Crossings in Dothan, Alabama is just one more example of why the State of Alabama needs to once and for all address gaming in Alabama and pass comprehensive legislation that regulates it, controls it and taxes it.

“Bob Riley’s campaign against an industry that employs thousand of working people across the State, has already cost the Alabama taxpayers in the millions.

“Country Crossings, in the short time that it has been open, has already generated over a million dollars in revenue for Houston County as well as employing some 2,000 workers.

“Regulated and taxed gaming will create jobs and jobs will create economic prosperity in our State. This is the right path for Alabama on the gaming issue and one that I will take as Governor.”

>I’m a Saints fan, but…

December 14, 2009

>First, I don’t bet on football. Not on Auburn, not on Alabama and not on the Saints.

Second, I don’t drink to the point that I say stupid things (I may say some stupid things from time to time without drinking, however).

Third, I like our TV.

Fourth, I don’t allow people to shoot semi-automatic weapons on my property.

But Wayne Spring is a different kind of football fan. He didn’t think the Saints could beat the Redskins, so he posted on Facebook that if the Saints won that his FB friends could come shoot up his TV.

After the Saints won 33-30 in overtime, people began arriving armed, drunk and dangerous.

Goodbye 60 inch flat screen. “A bets a bet.”

“That ain’t nothing compared to what I lost to the bookie”