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>Big McCain News

September 22, 2008

>I have been waiting on this, knowing it was coming. Now here it is.

John McCain’s chief of staff is gay. that in itself is not news, but it is newsworthy because he works for an anti-gay senator who is running for president.

Mark Buse is the man. Michelangelo Signorile reported this today on The Gist,

Then I was contacted in recent weeks by 46-year-old Brian Davis, an Arizona resident, who told me about his intimate relationship with Mark Buse (confirmed by Davis’ mother, as well as by a long-time friend), and who decided he needed to tell the truth about Buse, on the record, in light of John McCain’s dramatic shift to the ideological religious right in this election and his choice of Sarah Palin, starlet of the evangelical movement, as a running mate. (Repeated calls to Mark Buse’s office and calls and email to McCain’s communications office in the Senate regarding this story were unreturned.

Read the rest at The Gist .

At the same time, Mike Rogers has presented Buse at his office with the Roy Cohn Award for hypocrisy (the hypocrisy of working against gays while being gay) at BlogActive .

Or at least Buse’s office staff. Buse wouldn’t show.

We even have video (not racy) of Mark and his former lover in their abode.

This is one of the many reasons Republicans cannot be trusted. Hypocrisy at its greatest level.