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August 12, 2010

>Some things going on.

In Bessemer, tonight is the first of three political candidate forums, and candidates for Council in Districts 1, 2 and 3 and School Board candidates for District 2 will take questions (be there before 5:45 to submit questions). The forum will take place at Bessemer City High School at 6:00.

In next door Lipscomb, they are about to celebrate their centennial. Lipscomb was incorporated in 1910. It was first called “Wheeling.” The name Lipscomb came from a store name established by the three Lipscomb brothers on the rail line in 1890.

At 5:00 PM Friday there will be a tour of the elementary school, followed by an unveiling of a historical marker at city hall at 6:00, and a banquet at the school at 7:00 PM. Former University of Alabama football player Bobby Humphrey will speak.

On Saturday a parade will take place along 5th Street at 10:00.

Mayor Melanie Bouyer says the city if moving forward and there are proposals to add housing for veterans and a grocery store, possibly with the development of a community cooperative.

For more information call city hall at 428-6374.

I haven’t posted any fun videos in a while, so here are two.

Brett Domino is the alter-ego of British musician Rob J Madin that uses unusual instruments such as a keytar and kazoos and this weird deal with an antenna to make music. Here he is with Steven Peavis performing a medley of Justin Timberlake.

And here he is performing Bad Romance. Lady Gaga, watch out.