>Love Wins

>I don’t generally follow super pastors that lead mega-churches in part because I don’t think one person influencing that many people who often blindly follow is a good model.

I think a better model is one person leading a few. Sort of like Jesus did.

Anyway, Rob Bell is the pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, a church that attracts 10,000 worshipers a week.

So when I hear that Southern Baptist pastors and others are calling Bell a heretic I think he must be saying something right.

Bell has a new book, Love Wins, that explores heaven and hell and God.

He explains the book here.

That’s the promo video, the cleaned up version.

Here he is explaining the book to his own flock.

It’s uplifting that Christians are finally beginning to understand that God and Christianity are about love. That might be hard to see when one considers that Crusades and slavery and James Dobson and such, but it becomes a very simple story.

And if God is really about love, then how can he send so many of the people that he created to everlasting hell and damnation?

So I don’t really believe in hell, and here is a writer and pastor that might have released a book that backs up my beliefs. I haven’t really made up my mind about heaven, but I can tell you that from my (sketchy) theological training that my understanding of biblical hell and heaven has more to do with suffering and poverty versus fulfillment in the current life than some mysterious afterlife. I think Bell explores this a bit in the book, as well.

I am going to purchase the Kindle version (I have Kindle on my laptop, not the hand held version). I’ll let you know what I think.


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