>Backyard Birds

>Today is the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Each year thousands of birdwatchers and bird lovers and outdoor lovers and nature lovers sit down for a few minutes each day and look at the birds in their yard or wherever they are.

I have done my count for the day. Glad to see some purple finches at the feeders.

This is not my picture…it’s from Wikipedia.

Go here to get information about the GBBC and to learn how to submit your observations. It is really simple. Really.

On Tuesday February 22 at 6 PM Bessemer Mayor Ken Gulley will give his state of the city address. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, but maybe some of my City Council buddies or others will send me their impressions of the mayor’s address. Otherwise I will just have to wait until the Western Tribune report comes out.

Of course we pretty much know the state of the city. I have been reporting on that for years.

For Fun

Everybody loves Katy Perry. These University of Arkansas students obviously do.

Silly boys.

And here is a video of Adele singing at the Brit Awards this week

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