>Bessemer Downtown south getting a facelift

>There are some good things going on around Bessemer, not the least of which is our upcoming elections. Here’s hope for a clean slate of elected officials. Hey, Jefferson County is going to start afresh, why can’t Bessemer?

Elections are August 24. Just a few weeks of skirting this issue and grandstanding on that issue, for those already in office and seeking re-election. I ran into some of that recently.

In the meantime, on the southern edge of downtown:

The Bessemer Historical Homeowners Association is sponsoring this historically accurate restoration of a sign in Bessemer. I believe the sign was originally painted in 1904.

The letters were roughed in a few weeks ago, but now are being tidied up and will appear just like the original lettering when finished.

Skilled restorer John Neely is heading up the project. He has restored historic signs throughout the state, including some at Sloss Furnace in Birmingham.

Also on the southern edge of downtown, the new DHR building construction is beginning. A trailer, some machinery and such are about all we see so far.

Here is the site where the new DHR building will be. You can see that a little site work has begun.

You can also see that Simmon’s Sporting Goods, which is nearing completion of their expansion, has begun to concrete over the historic sign on the back of their building. That’s too bad, as it was one of the most appealing historic signs in the city, and one which the BHHA had expressed interest in restoring.


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