>Dat’s Who

>Oh, to be in New Orleans during Mardi Gras this year.

Drew Brees carried the Saints to their first Super Bowl victory in their 43 year history. No need to recap the game here, I’ll leave that to the sports guys.

But let’s recap the celebration a little bit, beginning with this classic video of Louis Armstrong “When the Saints Go Marchin In” to get us in the mood. Thanks Neal for the idea.

Fast forward a few decades and this was the scene on Royal Street last night after the game, same song, more revelry.

A block over the celebration on Bourbon Street was just as raucous, same song.

And a little more Who Dat on Bourbon Street.


Thanks Sean (Payton: gutsy, aggressive game plan), Drew (Brees: MVP, ties record for most completions in Super Bowl, beat Warner, Favre, Manning, might be greatest QB of all time), Tracy (Porter: great interception, great return), Garrett (Hartley: first to kick three FG greater than 40 yards in SB history, great onside kick), Pierre (Thomas: great TD reception), and everybody else (defense, defense defense)!

But one more, everybody’s favorite after Super Bowl moment. Drew Brees with his son Baylen celebrating.

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