>Stories from the Bham News

>If you live in Birmingham, vote now, before the rain gets any worse!!! Patrick Cooper!!!

These snowman salt and pepper shakers have nothing to do with the news, but aren’t they cute!

News Flash! I agree with Joe Reed. Speaking of Artur Davis, Reed said, “But because he is now running for governor he is looking out for himself and not the people.”

Reed was referring to Davis’s votes against health care reform, but the poor people of his district are not the first voters that Artur Davis has thrown under the bus. His republican votes on gay issues (hate crimes, ENDA) are nothing but a play for the homophobe vote in his run for governor. Since Davis’s aid told me when he was running for congress (the second time) that Davis is a friend of the gay community and even had a lesbian on his staff (that’s what I was told) then it’s clear, he is voting the way he does for his own interests, not the interests of his constituents. Same with health care.

Today the Birmingham News is just full of encouraging news.

1. Greenhouse gases now a threat

(Article) That headline is a little misleading. The gases have been a threat for years, the EPA is just now admitting it, after 8 years of ignoring or re-writing science. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the World climate conference in Copenhagen.

Rising sea water is part of the reason for the flooding in Bangladesh. The people living there and being forced from their home probably don’t understand climate change and its effects, but they have an excuse. Republicans and other doubters in this country don’t have an excuse.

But while Bangladesh needs help now and this conference won’t produce any immediate results, it is still encouraging that we have an administration that believes in science and understands the urgency of the situation.

The EPA said that America’s health is at risk from climate change.

2. Medicaid, Medicare expansion sought

(This story is not available on al.com yet). Democrat Senators are seeking to expand Medicare and Medicaid to near-retirees age 55 or 60 who would be able to purchase coverage. They probably won’t be able to include this in the current bill, but at least they are talking about it.

3. President praised for pumping cash into arts

(Article not posted on al.com but available here) President Obama has “marshaled the largest infusion of cultural funding in decades.”

So, these are a few of the major issues (yes, arts is a major issue) that were reasons we voted for Obama and democrats in general.


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