>Crazy in (Bessemer) Alabama

>My letter was posted on Equality Across America!

OK, Bessemer is just turning into the strangest place in Alabama. Here’s just a sampling of the craziness. All of these stories come from the Western Tribune. Mostly.

1. Heard during a city council meeting last week, from a preacher addressing the council: “I don’t know why they are upset. Prostitutes are in the neighborhood late at night and they go to houses to give oral sex.”

“They” are residents on the street where his “church” is. “Church” is in quotes because…

2. A church is not a church if it doesn’t have a steeple, according to mayor Ed May. Of course, the number of storefront “churches” without steeples in Bessemer is only outnumbered by bail bondsmen and payday loan stores. And the largest churches on the historic southside, the Methodist Church and Visionary Ministry, formerly South Highland Baptist, don’t have steeples, so I guess the gig is up.

3. Three years after the last election the city council is finally about to grow some (no disrespect to Louise Alexander, Dorothy Davidson or Sarah Belcher). After council members were prevented from collecting their mail…well, actually, after they discovered their mailboxes were gone and “no one knew where they were”…they got riled. Council president Earl Cochran said he would ask the council to censure the mayor. But it’s not just the mail issue. It has to do with changing locks and not getting the state forensic audit of city finances the council requested and…

4. The animal control issue will not go away. Hmmm. Let me just leave it at this. On Wednesday September 30 at 6:00 PM there will be a special meeting of the city council. Be there, if for no other reason, to be a witness.

Maybe, just maybe, a bit of the truth will be heard that night. Then there is this…

5. Red Scare!!!! That we have uneducated lemmings in Bessemer really surprised me. We had a discussion last night, and it was agreed that the enemy is not communism. And this is not 1950. I might reveal the true enemy in my column next week. Here’s a hint: if you don’t know what it is, you might be part of it!

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