>Billionaires for Wealthcare

>On Hardball yesterday Chris Matthew’s Big Number was 930,000. That’s the difference between what the teabaggers claim was the attendance at their Washington march last weekend as the actual number of attendees. And I love how they used a pre 1994 picture claiming the mall was full, not realizing that a museum has been built since 1994 that was not visible in their picture. They can’t even lie well.

The status quo is wealthcare!

Billionaires for Wealthcare is a grassroots network of health insurance CEOs, industry lobbyists, talk-show hosts, and others profiting off of our broken health care system.
We are not a political, religious or even particularly well-organized group. We’re simple folk, thrilled profiteers pouring out of our corner offices to dance on the grave of “Change.”

We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure another decade where your pain is our gain. After all, when it comes to health care, if we ain’t broke, why fix it?

They were in DC this weekend joining with the teabaggers hoping to derail health care reform.

Well, not exactly, but last month they explained their position in song also.

They are fighting, like the teabaggers, for the status quo. You know, number 37 in health care.

Update: OK, there’s been a bit of confusion. The billionaires are not for real. They are showing the stupidity of the protesters. So, they’re doing a good job, huh?

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