>Three things driving me nuts


Sometimes I make myself laugh. when I signed on to Bessemer Opinions this morning. Well, it’s been corrected now, but if you saw it…

Be sure to read my (corrected) Western Tribune column which follows this.

Three things that drive me nuts.

1. Mayor Ed May

2. Glenn Beck

3. People who are against President Obama speaking to their kids.

1. I could not keep my head from shaking in disagreement at Tuesday’s council meeting when Mayor Ed May was speaking. I guess you will just have to read my Western Tribune column next week to get the details. But…a lie is a lie. and the issue of the abuse and neglect at the Bessemer animal shelter is not going to go away.

2. Thank you Keith Olbermann for this clip. Look at what Glenn Beck is saying. Has he completely gone nuts? By the way, I love old buildings and the architecture with the reliefs and statues and such. Goodness, if Glenn Beck ever goes to St. Louis (or even Birmingham) and looks at some of the architecture, he’ll have a coronary.

3. Presidents should be able to talk to kids.

These noisy birther/deathers have really gone off the deep end too, arguing that they don’t want the president speaking to their kids in his back-to-school address next week. (It’s at 11:00 am central time Tuesday on C-Span and live on the web).

Parents are urging other parents to keep their kids home from school.

This is utterly insane. A president, regardless of who he is, urging school kids to do their best and to stay in school, is not a scary thing. I hardly believe he’s going to be talking public options and universal coverage to the kids.

And remember, the majority of people in education probably supported the president. This means that many teachers, and many principals, have the same views that the president does. Does this mean students should be barred from hearing their teachers and principals urging them to succeed?

What a bunch of malarkey we see coming from the right. It’s comical, really, but when you think about it, it’s sad.

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