>Secret Service are you listening???

>Some of you saw my post on the Examiner about Steve Anderson, the Baptist preacher who prays each night for President Barack Obama to die and go to hell.

Some of you saw my post about people bringing guns to town hall meetings. After that post, another man carried a big gun to a meeting where the president was speaking.

Now it’s beginning to come together.

The guy carrying the gun goes to the church pastored by the man calling for the death of our president. He says so on a radio broadcast in this video. In the video the gun toter kids about “watering the tree of liberty.” The pastor advocates “melting” Obama like a snail and “breaking the teeth” out of his head. Someone needs to “abort” Barack Obama. Should be done on television. This is your Baptist preaching, where only men are allowed to speak in his church (on the tape).

This preacher should be arrested. And the gun toting tree waterer. Just my Bessemer opinion.

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