>Guns and Town Hall meetings don’t mix

>My Western Tribune column from today’s paper, which follows this, is also about the Town Hall meetings and misinformation that Republicans are falling for.

There is an ugly pattern emerging. At Portsmouth yesterday there were protesters lined up along the street, Pro-Obama on one side and Anti-Obama on the other. Listen to what this guy says:

“Why are we bankrupting this country for 21 million illegals who should be sent on the first bus one way back from wherever they come from. We don’t need illegals. Send them home once. Send them home with a bullet in their head the second time. Read what Jefferson said about the Tree of Liberty — it’s coming baby.”

Two things. First, 21 million bullets in the head is not the way to solve the problems of immigration. (neither is causing them suffering and death by denying them health care but that is for a different day).

But more concerning is his reference to Jefferson. Here are Jefferson’s words:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

This man says “It’s coming, baby.”

When read in the context of what they are saying about the president, this is a call for violence.

Then, this guy shows up at the President’s Town Hall.

He was legally carrying a firearm at a public event about health care. He was interviewed by Chris Matthews, and besides believing he is living in 1777, the guy is another whacko.

His sign also referenced the tree of liberty quote.

So here is a guy with a gun, advocating spilling the blood of leaders he disagrees with.

Thank God for the secret service.


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