>Alabama leaning red and Kings of Leon

>Gallup has released a poll that shows how blue the country is becoming.


Alabama is categorized as “leans Republican.” In 2008 Alabama was “competitive,” which means we are a little more red than we were a year ago.

The state certainly leans Republican, but was it really “competitive” in 2008?

Their numbers are based on responses to which party an individual identifies with. In Alabama 46% identified or leaned Republican and 40% identified or leaned Democrat, giving Republicans a 6 point advantage.

I think democrats will continue to make gains in the state. That is based on demographics…younger people are getting involved every day. They lean blue.

Here’s a bit of a surprise from another poll. Overwhelming support for the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility, according to a recent poll by the Western Tribune. The numbers will probably be in this week’s paper.

Kings of Leon. Notion. Love these guys. They were on the Today Show the other day. I didn’t see them, but someone said they attracted the largest crowd of any of the morning concerts they do.

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