>Movie news and Bessemer courthouse

>I spoke with Glenn Shadix over the weekend. Glenn is in Maui filming Finding Gauguin. Read about it at Examiner.com.

The headline on al.com is Bessemer courthouse overrun as satellites close so I went to see. A bit of an exaggeration, although I am sure the people waiting feel inconvenienced as hell.

I’ve seen more people than this in the past months on certain days. Of course, I didn’t go inside to see the line in there, but I know how they usually limit it.

I told you I was going to order The Fall from Netflix. Here is the trailer.

However, before I can get The Fall, we had to watch another movie to send back. Before Night Falls, is the story of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas. It was good.

Here are some of the Johnny Depp scenes, mixed up, as he plays two roles, Bon Bon and Lt. Victor. Johnny Depp is hot, male or female.

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