>Artur Davis falling out of favor

>This was a big weekend for the Democrats, what with the DFA training and all.

Oh, and the DFA social. That’s where the news came from. Read what Mooncat wrote.

Memo to self: Remember, it began way back here and continued here.

Memo to Artur Davis: when you are in a hole, quit digging.

Memo to Artur Davis’ campaign staff: don’t advise your boss to throw a group of politically active, DINKs and SINKs with plenty of disposable income under the bus.*

Memo to a particular staff member after our conversation yesterday: No, the fact that Artur Davis does not support gay marriage does not mean he could “never” get the support of the gay community, even if he hadn’t reversed his position on hate crimes. Remember Barack Obama? Remember his statement on same-sex marriage. Remember how gays supported him with money, time and votes?

Memo to that same staff person: This is the worst explanation for your bosses vote that I have ever read. Adhere to the constitution and what is “in your heart,” not what a few constituents say. BTW, remember the 1960’s? Civil Rights? Legislators taking risks voting against their constituents wishes?

Memo to progressive democrats: Artur Davis has calculated that if he loses the gay support, so what. Remember, we stick with you on your issues.

Memo to Ron Sparks: Thanks, that was the best response I could have imagined.

Memo to Ron Sparks’ campaign staff person: The offer still stands.

Memo to Democratic voters: stay tuned.

*Double income no kids and single income no kids. Gays are (from this Bessemer Opinions post):

  • More than twice as likely as the national index to be professionals or managers.
  • 3.4 times more likely as the national index to have incomes over 250K.
  • Twice as likely to have graduated from college

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