>Heads in the sand

>Check out Bessemer Science for a report on hurricane killers.

Check out The Examiner for my report on the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

The Western Tribune has a front page article this week “Bessemer caught by surprise on crime stats.”

Are we surprised? Take the poll on the Tribune site.

This blog and The Western Tribune have had no problem learning about crime rates and clearance rates in the city.

Have heads been stuck in the sand?

Maybe this is a better picture.

From the Western Tribune:

“Councilwoman Dorothy Davidson has been depending on (Mayor Ed) May for her news about criminal activity in town, saying that she was shocked at the news.

“No, I had no idea,” Davidson said.

Council President Earl Cochran said he didn’t know anything about it until he read the story in the Tribune.

“The mayor always wants to bring off how good we are and trying to say we don’t have a problem,” Cochran said….

(Councilman Albert Soles says), “There is a large sector of the people who don’t read and are not informed but the ones who read know.”

As for the mayor, Soles says he figures that if he doesn’t say anything the people will forget.”

I think the people of Bessemer will be more informed than ever before when election time comes next year.

Charity begins at home.

“What they’re talking about and wanting to dub as charitable bingo is backed by organized gambling, and it has nothing to do with charity other than charity begins at home.”

That’s what Mayor May said as he promised to veto the Bessemer bingo ordinance if passed.

“Foolishness,” was the word he used to describe it.

Comments run in favor of electronic Bingo, or at least in favor of allowing people to determine how to spend their own money, on al.com.

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