>Iran, Pride and Sisters

>Many Facebook profile photos have changed over the last few days to this, in support of the protests occurring in Iran.

A friend from Iran is reporting that the hard line government is planning to kill more protesters, like 400 or so, today, to put a stop to the unrest. People are being urged not to attend the rally. Intimidation is what the government is trying, and it might be working, if it keeps people from gathering.

Right now, militia members are beating protesters with sticks and foreign reporters have been ordered to quit reporting (that will never happen).

What I am wondering is why didn’t we react this way in 2000 when the hard line government gave the election to George W. Bush. I mean, protesting in the streets. I don’t think the government here would have attacked us. Wait, Dick Cheney was coming into power. Maybe they would have.

We had to wait 8 more years for change. Let’s hope Iran doesn’t have to wait that long for the change they desire.

But regardless of the outcome, Iran, and other suppressed countries, will not be the same.

More Pride

As promised, here are some more pictures from Birmingham’s Pride Celebration.

Here’s a crowd shot, though not the best. But even cowboy’s enjoy drag.

This is Dominique Divine, Miss Rising Star.

These are members of Magic City Sisters, a group that raises money for various charities, and 100% of the money raised is donated. (Can you recognize the two who are former residents of Bessemer? Yes, we have Sisters here in The Marvel City.)

From their web site:

More simply put: we make people happy, stamp out guilt brought on by a judgmental society and help various organizations and charities, etc …. Our goal is to embrace our gay and diverse selves and each other as we are today, as we were born and as we are meant to be. Our goal is to share kindness, love and laughter with those we have met, those we meet today and those we will meet tomorrow as a source of personal empowerment and pride. If we can do this while raising money for charity and being our natural fabulous selves, then there is room for YOU to be as fabulous as you are and as you were meant to be.

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