>Who’s Got the Power?


More about him later.

After last night’s event there should be no doubt among candidates for offices in Birmingham or Jefferson County (that includes Bessemer) that support from the gay community is important.

It was shoulder to shoulder at the Wine Loft last night as candidates addressed the crowd. Here’s who seemed to make the biggest impressions: Priscilla Dunn, running for Senate District 19, Howard Bayless, running for Birmingham City Council, Elisa Burns-Macon, running for Birmingham School Board, Earl Hilliard, Jr., and Shelia Smoot, both running for U.S. Congress.

However, all of the candidates who showed up (and there were almost 30) proved to us that they believe in the issues important to us and don’t think that goes unrecognized. All the candidates there had their supporters as well.

It is good, too, to see that the GLBT community has come to the realization that politics is an important facet of our community. There are two ways that America, and Jefferson County, will progress. First, by changing the hearts of our co-workers and neighbors. Polls consistently show that people who know gay people are much more likely to support equality, so get to know those around you. Second, through legislation (and sometimes legal avenues), and this can only be done by electing those who believe in the common humanity of all regardless of race or sexuality. Pretty much, that means Democrats, and Alabama Stonewall Democrats is leading the way.

Watch for our truck Saturday Night at the Parade, which begins at 8:00. Here is where I was going to put a picture, but no, you have to wait until the event.
So instead, I’ll give you a real treat. The Killers.

Here’s the link to their (official) video for A Dustland Fairy Tale. A good song.

Or, watch the viewer made video (with lots of shots of Brandon Flowers).

Gossip. Because Bessemer Opinions readers want to know. Brandon is Mormon. He is opposed to his church’s stance on gays rights issues. The band used to play in a drag club. He is married to his long time girlfriend, has one kid and another on the way.

Now wouldn’t you rather me post a video like that than spend time commenting on Sarah Palin (whiney, whiney poo) or Carrie Prejean (bye, bye).

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