>Art of All Types

>Be sure and read my Western Tribune column from last week, which follows this. It’s a prelude to this week’s column, which will be in Wednesday’s paper, avaliable Tuesday.

The Magic City Art Connection is over but the art lives.

This drawing of our current president and a former president was on prominent display at Magic City Art Connection. Steve Shepard’s art work often carries a message.

This one says;

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of Obama’s fateful win, He has trampled down the Bushes who we’ll never see again. He has loosed the fluid lightning of his mightier swift pen: Torture and War will end!!

Barack Obama Hallelujah. Barack Obama Hallelujah. Barack Obama Hallelujah. His change will save us all.”

I own one of Steve’s drawings of Barack Obama. Steve told us yesterday that he is a cousin of Shepard Fairey, who painted the famous Obama Hope painting. Talent, and politics, run in the family, I guess.

Now what is this? These colorfully costumed ladies were gathered near the fountain in Linn Park yesterday.

Just as colorful was the most expensive piece of art work that I saw there: this collection of insects. All of the insects are accurately painted on paper by Jennifer Ivory. She uses mylar, horsehair, feathers and other materials in her work.

This collection was priced at $35,000. All I have to say is, it beats capturing poor little butterflies and murdering them with chloroform or whatever. I was guilty of that as a kid.

One other artist of note was Karen Elise Cohen whose computer generated paintings are both thought provoking and eye catching. Although created on a computer they are difficult to reproduce on a computer, as she admits on web site. My favorite is “For Love” but I couldn’t get a good image of it. Here’s a detail from it, though. Click on gallery and figurative to see “For Love”and click here to see the Rebecca Series for some really “wow” paintings.

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