>Yesterday’s Event

>Check out the Columbine pictures on Bessemer Science and Nature.

I guess I educated some people. No comments on the Sodom story or the abortion column. Wow.

Does this look familiar?

If not, you might recognize this.

If not, you are fortunate in that you must not have had a vehicle broken in to.

I tried to find statistics for the area, then for the state, but I’m just going to rely on what the police guy and the auto glass repair guy said.

Car burglary is way up in the Bessemer area. The thieves are after anything, but one thing that really attracts them is GPS devices left on the dash…

… or anywhere in sight.

My sister in law had one of these stolen. I don’t think she had it sitting on the dash like the picture, and it happened in downtown Birmingham, not Bessemer. But it can happen anywhere.

In fact, the glass repair guy said that he replaced a window for a Bessemer attorney who had their GPS stolen in broad daylight with people in the office watching. The perp was wearing a tie, he said. High class scum, I guess. Just broke the window, grabbed the device and was gone before they could get out to stop him. He backed down the street in his vehicle so they couldn’t get his tag number.

I don’t have a GPS device, and still look for the moss growing on the north side of the tree to determine direction. Neither does Bobby, but **** happens.

That was yesterday. Have a safe and happy Easter weekend.


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