>Early Spring Gardening

> The early spring garden has been planted. Onions, lettuce, collards, mustard greens and cabbage plants are in the ground. More on gardening later.

I’m not going to write about the idiots today, although there are plenty around.

But if you read and watch that, then also accept this.
Obama Birth Announcement from Honolulu Advertiser Sunday August 13, 1961.

And this:
Obama Birth Certificate

And read this from factcheck.org which answers all the stupid questions that these racist, xenophobic, America-hating bigots are raising.

And let me say, that I will not post any comments about the above that are negative or even questioning about our president.

Now, on to gardening. I will post comments on this.

At Lowe’s you can by these little soil test kits.

I tested three areas and learned that the pH of the areas is fine but the soil is deficient in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The raised bed, pictured above, was slightly better in nutrients than the other areas I tested, probably because of this.

That is a Nature Mill Automatic Indoor Composter. I put all of our scraps (except bones and celery) in it, and within a few days I have compost. You can include meat, shrimp shells, egg shells, coffee grounds, pasta, stale bread, leftover lima beans…everything. Every few days I get a little load of compost and spread it outside. So far all of the compost produced during the winter has gone on the raised bed. That’s one of the neat things about it, it produces compost all year. And it uses minimal energy and recycles all the scraps.

This is where my tomato seeds are planted.

We still have plenty of canned tomatoes from last summer (Disclaimer…the canned tomatoes came from the farmer’s market, not from out garden). This year we hope to produce a bumper crop.

You can see last year’s collard plants in the garden photo, still producing fresh young leaves. Remember I cooked some on Super Bowl Sunday? I picked about all the leaves that day, and now look, I can get another meal out of them.

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