>Snow in Bessemer!!!

>This morning as I came down the stairs I looked out and to my surprise…the Birmingham News was laying on the sidewalk! Maybe all the problems are solved. If not, this may be the only view of the paper that some see. On CNN’s “State of the Union” with John King he had several newspapers on the screen behind him, and today’s Birmingham News was one of them.

I was also surprised by:

Snow!!! in Historic Bessemer!!!

The former South Highland Baptist Church, referred to in my most recent Western Tribune column, has seen countless snows, including the blizzard of ’93. Will it see the snowfall’s of the future?

The Giant Rocker that we found on the side of the road during the summer, now experiencing its first snowfall.

This crepe myrtle looked pretty with its twisted branches.

The branches of the crepe myrtles in the back also created interesting patterns with their snow covered branches.


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