>Happy Mardi Gras!!!

>It’s Fat Tuesday and we should all be down in New Orleans (Or Mobile if you like things a little more tame) celebrating. Right now I would be standing along the ZULU parade route on St. Charles waiting. The parade never starts on time, of course, which means the Rex Parade will be late also. Watch them live today here.

Maybe next year…sigh. Anyway, Mardi Gras is a great distraction…

…from things like a governor who feels he’s not being Republican enough and after meeting with the other out of touch governors decides Alabama doesn’t need to help those who are out of work so he’s going to reject $66 million in stimulus funds.

“The decision means thousands of out-of-work Alabamians who may have qualified
for the expanded benefits, such as people who worked part-time, will continue to be blocked from collecting unemployment.”

And Mardi Gras could distract…

…from a Senator who still feels the need to question our president’s legitimacy. It’s sad enough that a Cullman resident would even pose the question, but senator Shelby should have just refused to comment.

Alabama Republicans…finding new ways to embarrass us every chance they get.

Yes…Mardi Gras could be distracting…

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