>Prayers for Bobby

>Yesterday was movie day. One at the theater, one at home.

We ended the day after coming home by watching Prayers for Bobby on Lifetime (check your listings, it repeats several times over the next few days). Here is the movie Bobby, played by Ryan Kelley. Sigourney Weaver plays his mother, Mary.

This movie is based on the real life and death of Bobby Griffith, a young gay man whose rejection by his Christian conservative mother led to his suicide. His mother Mary, then realizes that her understanding of the Bible was wrong, that her lack of compassion and understanding of her son was the reason he killed himself. Here is a picture of the real Bobby Griffith.

His mother, Mary, went on to become an advocate for gay equality, but look at the cost she paid for refusing to accept the truth. For refusing to even listen to the truth. Oh, his father didn’t help much either.

Ryan does a great job of portraying the emotions that a gay kid might go through as he struggles for acceptance. I want the readers of this blog, especially those who are so outspoken about gays, to imagine if they have a child who reveals he or she is gay, how they would react. Would they still love their child? Not the fake, “love the sinner” type love demonstrated in this movie and that we hear so much about.. But real, true, Godly love, where you love your child because of what he is, not in spite of what he is. Or would they reject their child, drive their child away from home, drive their child to suicide.

Here is a preview. There are more on the site.

This movie is likely to earn some Emmy nominations. Watch it.

If you are visiting this blog, in search of answers about your own sexuality like Bobby, and are approaching a crisis point, visit The Trevor Project , or call 866-488-7386, where you can find help. the Trevor project is a round the clock helpline for gay or confused youth.

I guess that is enough for today. The other movie review will have to come later.


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